Six months ago I pivoted from transportation engineering to product/UX design after becoming captivated by the intersection between technology, problem solving, and design. …

A collage of desktop and mobile views of the redesign.

As a new UX designer looking to up my UI/UX skills, when I came across the Oura ring, a sleep and activity tracker, and thought:

I want to buy this… why are they making it hard for me?

…I got to work.


Oura is a Finland-based tech start-up launched in…

An illustration of a girl looking at three doors unsure of which to choose
A 17-year old Caitlin.

My first career was not well designed. At 17, I chose to be an engineer the way a drowning passenger grabs a life vest: swiftly and without preference. I loved the arts, but questioned if I could support myself financially following a passion. I excelled in STEM, but doubted I…

A lineup of 50+ adults in Soho New Yew York waiting to enter Glossier’s flagship store.
Glossier’s NYC flagship store lineup. Credit: Amy Scott

The entrance line for Glossier’s NYC flagship store wraps permanently around its Soho block as customers await entrance to its beauty showroom. …

My salad game face. Also, nature’s perfect animal.

It started with a Sweetgreen on the corner of W 91st street and Broadway, three blocks from Central Park. I sat down and forked the first bite of my chicken Caesar salad into my mouth. My eyes widened, my palette salivated.


Caitlin Sowers

Caitlin is a Product/UX Designer based on Vancouver Island.

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