Six months ago I pivoted from transportation engineering to product/UX design after becoming captivated by the intersection between technology, problem solving, and design. As a byproduct of sharing parts of this transition online, I’ve received a few emails seeking advice on making a similar a pivot which prompted me to put together this resource.

I am going to split product design into 3 categories and offer only the free online resources I personally used within each:

Education is best done in action so I would recommend pairing these resources with the…

A collage of desktop and mobile views of the redesign.

As a new UX designer looking to up my UI/UX skills, when I came across the Oura ring, a sleep and activity tracker, and thought:

I want to buy this… why are they making it hard for me?

…I got to work.


Oura is a Finland-based tech start-up launched in 2013 with one product: the Oura Ring. Did I mention the ol’ Duke of Sussex wears one? Pretty big deal.

I spent one week redesigning the Oura Ring’s mobile and desktop “Buy” page to improve user experience, cart abandonment, and conversion rates. …

An illustration of a girl looking at three doors unsure of which to choose
A 17-year old Caitlin.

My first career was not well designed. At 17, I chose to be an engineer the way a drowning passenger grabs a life vest: swiftly and without preference. I loved the arts, but questioned if I could support myself financially following a passion. I excelled in STEM, but doubted I would be fulfilled in a left-brained career. The decision never got easier and I was running out of time. With deadlines looming I leaned into my working-class family’s sensibility and decided on engineering.

The next thing I knew I had a Masters degree and three years of working experience. I…

A lineup of 50+ adults in Soho New Yew York waiting to enter Glossier’s flagship store.
Glossier’s NYC flagship store lineup. Credit: Amy Scott

The entrance line for Glossier’s NYC flagship store wraps permanently around its Soho block as customers await entrance to its beauty showroom. In an era where traditional retail is on the verge of extinction, with 9,000 US retailer closures reported in 2019 (a 59% jump from 2018), those rethinking the brick and mortar experience have managed to thrive.

“We’re not focused on selling you stuff,” says Emily Weiss, Glossier CEO, “it’s really important to create spaces and experiences that help you feel things.”

My salad game face. Also, nature’s perfect animal.

It started with a Sweetgreen on the corner of W 91st street and Broadway, three blocks from Central Park. I sat down and forked the first bite of my chicken Caesar salad into my mouth. My eyes widened, my palette salivated.

Salty. Crunchy. Perfection.

No, this is not a love letter to Sweetgreen (but if you would like that this one is my favourite), or koalas (that is my next Medium post). …

Caitlin Sowers

Caitlin is a Product/UX Designer based on Vancouver Island.

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